WATCH: Dershowitz Leaves CNN’s Cuomo Stuttering; ‘You Cannot Look Me In The Eye And Deny…’

Harvard University Emeritus Professor and Fox News contributor Alan Dershowitz literally left CNN anchor Chris Cuomo stuttering after he offered a strong defense of President Donald Trump over Michael Cohen, the president’s former attorney. At one point, Dershowitz was visibly stunned when Jennifer Rodgers, a former federal prosecutor, basely asserted Trump broke the law and that Cohen isn’t cooperating with officials, telling her, “you cannot look me in the eye and deny that fact.”

During an interview on CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Dershowitz argued that if Trump ordered Cohen to pay Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal — two women who claim they had an affair years ago with the president and threatened to come forward in late 2016 — it is not against the law.

“Any [presidential] candidate has the right to contribute unlimited amounts to his own campaign … Any candidate has the right to pay hush money to somebody to influence the outcome of the election. The problem is … ” he added, before being cut off by the other guest, who said, “not if it’s unreported.”

Dershowitz responded by giving them all a quick lesson on the law.

“Well, that’s the next question, whether it has to be reported. And that’s a technical violation. Do you know how many technical violations the Obama campaign committed and every other campaign committed?” said Dershowitz. “Failure to report a contribution by the candidate itself is essentially jaywalking. Then you have the credibility issue, when you have somebody who himself admits that he is a liar … You can die in prison, or you can give me evidence that we can use against somebody else … That is an accusation … It’s an easy embellishment to make if it didn’t happen… Presumption of innocence.”

Cuomo stuttered several times throughout the interview, saying, “I understand… I understand,” and “Right, well, we will see” when he couldn’t refute Dershowtiz’s legal arguments. Rogers tried her best to claim Trump is a criminal and that Cohen isn’t working with the government for a better deal, and Dershowitz was not having any of it.

Watch below:

The panel was referring to Cohen pleading guilty last Tuesday to charges related to campaign finance laws and other fraud. The terms of his plea deal are ever-changing, but he has agreed to spend between three to five years in prison.

Dershowitz’s point was that if Trump directed Cohen to use his own money to pay off Daniels and McDougal — who allege they were paid as part of a nondisclosure agreement to remain quiet about the alleged affairs with Trump years ago — and then Trump paid back Cohen, that is not a crime.

Simply put, if Cohen had anything on Trump, he would have used it to leverage a better plea deal. No one would accept up to five years in federal prison if they had damning evidence against a sitting president. Plus, Cohen pleaded guilty to breaking the law, he would get crucified in court as not being a credible witness if he tried to accuse Trump of anything.

Dershowitz gave viewers insight into how the law works, left Cuomo stuttering, and dared Rogers to look him in the eye while she oddly claimed Cohen isn’t working with the government to possibly flip on Trump.

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