[VIDEO] Stammering, Blabbering, Stuttering Pelosi Tries to Discuss the Impeachment Hold-up

In a video that has gone viral, Nancy Pelosi attempts to describe why she has actually decided to postpone the impeachment circus. The essential part of that sentence is “attempts to.” What comes out of her mouth makes no sense whatsoever. None.If you wish to

understand why Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of your house, you only have to see this video of a press conference she offered on Thursday. Such eloquence! It’s absolutely incredible to listen to her. Martin Luther King Jr., consume your heart out!

” We are, we have, I have … When we bring the costs, which is, simply so you know, there’s an expense made in order by the Rules Committee that we can contact at any time in order to send it to the Senate and to have the provisions in it to spend for the, for the impeachment. And after that the next action, and the eh, que, uh … uhl … … whatever you want to call it, the qu uh, the trial,” Pelosi addressed when inquired about her choice not to submit the impeachment of President Donald Trump to the Senate.

” That is where you put the managers. I was not prepared to put the managers in that costs yet due to the fact that we do not understand the arena that we remain in,” she added.None of the above

makes any sense whatsoever. She just became rather coherent in the tail end of her response:” Frankly, I do not care what the Republicans state.” Pelosi somehow was able to say that without stammering and stammering. When she was giving the rest of her answer, Pelosi had more in typical with an intoxicated auntie trying to discuss the current advancement in microbiology than with previous Speakers of the House.Seriously. What was she even trying to state? Did anyone get anything from that?It goes without saying that the responses on Twitter to Pelosi’s impressive interview have actually been harsh.Luckily, alcohol has no impact on her …– Jarhead1177( @jarhead1177). What did I simply listen to? Max Headroom was more meaningful than her.–?? Holland oats (@vMitchull ). Clear signs of neurological degeneration and impairment of mental capacity and motor abilities. She’s literally not able to finish a sentence and reveal a meaningful thought all while making unusual facial and hand gestures. The mainstream media continues to disregard.– DC (@DCMockers).

In a sane world she would be in her space at a nursing home having a battle with her toaster– Roger Dylan( @RogerDylan8 ). Those eyebrows pic.twitter.com/XG4SZjLrzG!.?.!— Ann of Pompano( @Pompano_Ann). Is she having a stroke?– RT( @RobertT89252313). My Goodness, what in the world was that? Have another Nancy.

No surprise this Impeachment is a farce!– Tim Burnham( @BurnhamTim). Pelosi sounding like Biden. pic.twitter.com/SGtVZJWuL8!.?.!— GinGerGriNch???????? (@Nacho_Mama78)

. Was she having a stroke? Even her eyebrows look

alarmed.– Cori ???? (@Vote4Humanity

). Ah, you’ve got to like

politics. No place else would this lady have the ability to describe herself as” Speaker.”

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