Trump Goes On ‘Fox News’ For Weekend Interview & Ends Up Stuttering & Looking Like An Idiot

After four soldiers were slain in Niger, President Donald Trump stayed virtually silent about the atrocity for nearly two weeks, instead choosing to tweet about the NFL, play golf, complain about “fake news,” and blast former President Obama. When he finally broke his silence, it was to call the widow of the one of the soldiers only to tell her that “he knew what he signed up for.”

Peter Wehner, an adviser and speechwriter in former president George W. Bush’s White House said it best:

‘Part of being a president is at moments being pastor in chief, dispensing grace and understanding and giving voice to sorrow, tragedy and loss. But he’s a person who’s missing an empathy gene.’

Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo sat down for a truly dimwitted interview with Trump, which will air on Sunday. A clip was released today by Fox Business Network. During the interview, Trump talked about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s reaction to Representative Frederica Wilson’s (D-FL) listening in on his phone call with Sergeant La David Johnson’s widow.

Among the many bizarre things Trump told Fox’s Bartiromo was that former General Kelly was:

‘so offended that a woman would be––that someone would be listening to that call’

Then, according to Trump, Kelly told him:

‘Sir, this is not acceptable.’

What comes next is even more deplorable. Trump responded to Bartiromo about the phone call saying:

‘I spoke the name of the young man…These are tougher than dealing with the heads of countries, believe me. These are very very tough calls.’

It is not really surprising that Trump made misogynistic remarks about Rep. Wilson. Unfortunately, it has become clear that it is one of his primary character traits, along with his narcissism. These tweets sum up with interview pretty well:

The first part of the interview is set to air on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. Then, the second part will air on Monday’s Mornings With Maria on Fox Business Network. Grab some popcorn and watch the cheeto-in-chief’s thought provoking interview with the network that made him famous.

Watch a clip of the interview here:

Featured image is a screenshot of Fox News interview

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