Strange stutter- not fps or ping

Weird stutter- not fps or ping

I have noticed this odd stutter/jerkiness in video games just recently, it’s difficult to see in the video but when playing it is really visible and makes it significantly harder to aim. It does not appear to occur immediately but only after i have been playing for a couple of minutes. My fps does not appear to be the cause of this. Thermals are well within safe limits and my ping was low in game. I think it started after i upgraded from a fx 6300 to a i5 3570k but i have likewise been running a clean set up of windows on a new hdd considering that then so the cpu is not the only thing that has actually changed.
The issue appears most obvious in the video at bombsite b.https:/
/ 0p7vv – video

Reply to jude3223 answers Last reply More about unusual stutter fps ping Could be motorists. Try a fresh set up of

graphics drivers, might even require to re-install the game. Reply to burdenbound Hi, I have not yet examine the video (sluggish download, you must of post it on

  • youtube )but considering that this is occurring after an cpu upgrade, check if vsync( cap at 60 fps)
    helps.Also check you cpu(keep below 65)/ gpu (keep listed below 85 )temperature levels for overheating< span data-crlink=L2ZvcnVtLzM1NjkwNzEvMjAzODk1NTYvcmVwbHk/cmVkaXJlY3Q9aHR0cCUzQS8vd3d3LnRvbXNoYXJkd2FyZS5jb20vYW5zd2Vycy9pZC0zNTY5MDcxL3dlaXJkLXN0dXR0ZXItZnBzLXBpbmcuaHRtbA==title="Reply to dextermat"> Reply to dextermat Can’t discover your answer? Ask! Ask a new question Response Learn more Video Games Video FPS