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If you are a moms and dad to a child, a speech language pathologist, or an educator, The Napping Home by Audrey and Don Wood is the perfect addition to your library.Amazon affiliate links have been included.In this post, I’ll explain how I use The Napping Home to promote different language and early literacy abilities. Consisted of, you’ll see pictures of a resource I produced to use with my clients and child. This delightful book buddy is readily available by clicking HERE. This book buddy consists of numerous activities to stimulate language and early literacy skills.How to use a photo walk to promote interest and interest by talking about the book and asking questions prior to reading it.How to make connections to what reads to the child’s personal experiences.How to utilize synonyms and antonyms to develop vocabulary.How to encourage storytelling.Going on a Picture Walk I usually perform a

picture walk with my customers before checking out many image books.I ask several The Napping Home< img src= " "alt width= 1 height=1 border=0 > has lots of synonyms for the verb sleep and the antonym for awake in the type of the adjective wakeful. They are repeated in lyrical expressions throughout the book, assisting your kid to keep in mind and recite this brand-new vocabulary.These vocabulary-sorting mats are a fun way to more acquaint your kid with these brand-new vocabulary words. Have have your child sort the synonyms for sleep, awake, and cozy.All my customers and my child ENJOYED putting together my vocabulary puzzles too! These puzzles encourage kids to practice reciting the lyrical phrases while putting them together. FYI– The black and white images are more challenging to match up.Storytelling The Napping Houseis among my favorite books to promote consecutive storytelling skills. Telling stories is an important life skill. Those with bad narrative capabilities have actually an increased risk for later reading problems. For additional storytelling ideas, please see pages 38 and 39 in the moms and dad guide portion of Knowing to Check Out is a Ball. My book companion includes 2 different hands-on activities to advance storytelling skills.Stacking Activities in color and in black and white

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