Sarah Huckabee Sanders buffoons Joe Biden’s stutter and Twitter explodes

President Trump’s previous press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, buffooned Joe Biden for stuttering throughout Thursday night’s Democratic dispute– drawing speedy rebuke across Twitter.

Sanders wrote in a since-deleted tweet “I I hhhave definitely no concept what Biden is speaking about,” as the argument was finishing up.

The previous vice president, who himself got rid of a long-lasting stuttering problem, had actually been discussing kids who suffer from the same condition when he made the stumble.

Within minutes, even as prospects were still giving their closing statements, critics called out Sanders for her comment.

“This is the most horrible tweet of the night,” tweeted Sabrina Singh, a National Press Secretary for Cory Booker.

A Biden project staffer, Andrew Yates, shot back, composing, “An insultingly dumb whopper from Sarah Huckabee Sanders– now I’ve seen everything.”

Amid the flurry of criticism, Sanders followed up with another tweet claiming she was not “trying to make enjoyable of anybody with a speech impediment.”

But she took another jab at Biden, ending the tweet by saying, “Simply explaining I can’t follow much of anything Biden is discussing.”

Biden himself chimed in from his official Twitter account, pointing out his long-lasting battle with the speech disorder.

“I have actually worked my entire life to get rid of a stutter. And it’s my great honor to coach kids who have experienced the very same. It’s called compassion. Look it up,” he tweeted.

Later on, Sanders claimed she did not understand Biden struggled with the condition in yet another tweet.

“I really didn’t know that about you which is commendable,” she wrote. “I say sorry and should have made my point respectfully.”

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