Micro-stutter/hitching in video games

Hey all.I believe I made a thread concerning hitching/micro-stutter a couple of months back, however then I didn’t have videos showing the problem and it’s much easier to show than to discuss such a thing.I bought this computer system in January 2017 and it cost me a great deal of loan and I truly wish to find the offender(s) for this issue I’m having since I’ve had it given that day 1.

I am desperate to find out what is causing it, even if it’s impossible for me to resolve it (e.g motorists, windows, badly enhanced games) or if it would need me to buy a brand-new GPU, CPU or a whole new system.GPU: Gainward GTX 1070 Phoenix GS Motherboard: Gigabyte z270 Video gaming K3 CPU: Intel i7 7700k 4.2 GHz(4.45
/ 4.5 with Turbo Boost )PSU: EVGA SuperNova G2 750W RAM: 16GB 2133MHz HyperX Fury
SSD: Kingston UV400 480GB and Samsung 850 EVO 512GB(Just recently bought the Evo, it’s the only addition because I bought the computer system) Monitor: BenQ XL2411 144hz 1ms OS: Windows 10 House.4 Case fans in addition to a Noctua NH-U14s I experience hitching/hiccups/micro-stutter in some video games. It’s frequency and intensity can vary in between games. In some games I might not experience it at all( e.g Prey-I noticed 2-3 drawbacks throughout 60-70 hours-and Doom), in some video games it’s more regular than others and often it’s either resolved or lowered by activating V-sync and in some video games it becomes even worse or no change at all. In some video games it just occurs online (Battlefield 1-SP runs more or less flawless -Rising Storm 2). It does not matter if I alter to lower graphics settings and it can be present despite a steady or ever-changing FPS.Timestaps where the hitching/hiccups are most obvious: Witcher 3: 0:08-0:11, 0:15- 0:18, 0:22-0:24, 0:50 -0:53, 1:29- 1:30 Divinity 2: 0:04

-0:07, 0:08 -0:12, 0:26-0:28, 0:34-0:36 I do not truly know

why I’m writing timestaps because the videos are so brief, but now I have so I’ll simply

let it remain. Divinity 2 shows, in the start of the video, a number of hiccups/hitching or something in a row which I have not experienced while playing, perhaps just for a number of second after I’ve filled into the game for the very first time, it does not happen if I refill a conserve. I’m sorry for the poor video quality, even on 1080p. Time uploading a video on youtube and I recorded with Shadowplay. It may be less obvious than it is for me while playing however it’s still plainly revealed. I know that great deals of people have actually reported a similar concern in Witcher 3, especially in Novigrad which is a big city filled with NPC’s and objects. On some locations it’s non-existant and in some the frequency differs but it’s worst in Novigrad. In Divinity 2 it’s less frequent with V-sync on however when I taped I had actually shut off V-Sync so that it would be simpler to reveal the issue.My computer system is quite clean and I developed it myself so it only includes windows bloatware and I always enhance windows after installing it.

After one re-format I just downloaded windows updates and motorists, then I went straight to steam and launched a game but the problem was still present.What I have actually attempted during quickly to be a year: Switched on and off Turbo Boost Fiddled with Nvidia Control board choices e.g Max Efficiency rather of Ideal, Pre Rendered Frames from “Let 3D app decide” to 1 etc. I have actually attempted both 120hz and 144hz and even 60hz however honestly, when one is used to 120/144hz, 60hz feels so sluggish and unusual that it’s difficult to see any hiccups. Re-formating the computer a number of times Flashed my BIOS Turned off some alternatives in BIOS e.g C-power states, Speed Action, Integrated graphics(from Auto to Handicapped) Switched on some alternatives in BIOS e.g Speed Shift Activating Windows Game Mode Triggering Avast Video Game Mode Change to Max Performance instead of Well balanced power plan Overclocked my GPU (did not modify voltage) Downclocked my GPU(just a little )Razor Cortex Geforce Experience(Optimize) With and without Intel Rapid Storage Innovation driver With and without Realtek driver Altered Pagefile from windows managed to 1GB min/max Detached mouse and keyboard, linking an old mouse.And a lot of other things that I can’t keep in mind right now.GPU temp: At max 65 ° C. CPU temp: It stays between 50-68 ° C in a lot of games.I will provide anything you wish to help me find the cause for this. Right away, how most likely do you think it’s a hardware problem and not a software concern? Could it be something that is not getting sufficient power from PSU or perhaps too much? Something that is wired/connected wrong? It seems to be worst in games with great deals of players, npc’s and/or items so possibly there’s something incorrect with the CPU or a chauffeur problem?