Fun President’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy|Scanlon Speech Therapy

Did you understand that President’s Day is federal holiday and is celebrated on the third Monday of February? Do you know why it’s constantly commemorated on a Monday?

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first President to have a beard?

Did you know that George Washington had incorrect teeth and lost all of his teeth by the age of 57?

Did you know that John Adams was the very first President to reside in the White House?

In honor of President’s Day, numerous school aged-children in America find out about our nations present and previous Presidents and some history surrounding the development and evolution of this honorable office.

As a hobby, I take pleasure in developing interactive products to use with clients or with my kids. I recently made a President’s Day Packet. Click here to view my President’s Day Language Package This package was created to help kids

, in Kindergarten to 5 th grade, find out about President’s Day in an enjoyable and interactive method while targeting different language objectives while utilizing thematic knowing– President’s Day! The activities and video game in this packet are not uninteresting

or passive learning experiences. They were purposefully created to motivate thoughtful, active involvement. As you’ll see the activities are divided into 3 separate classifications– Pre-Game, Video Game Day, and Post-Game. Taking part in these activities will encourage the learner to trigger anticipation and to make connections to what they know and what they are learning, practice listening and responding to questions, properly take turns, and use executive working skills to problem solve and critically believe(“What Would a President Do?”). I hope you enjoy this product! Do not hesitate to publish your child’s completed work to my Face Book page– Scanlon Speech Therapy. Here are some more activities you might like: Join My Email List to Get My Free Early Literacy Kit< input class ="input-text" type="text"name ="fields_fname"placeholder="First Call">