CPU Temps Past Max W/ Liquid Cool & Stuttering

CPU Temps Past Max W/ Liquid Cool & & Stuttering

Hi everyone! So I was going to take my pc into a computer system repair service today, however he wound up being booked. I understood that Tom’s Hardware online forums are constantly quite dependable when it comes to questions about computer systems.
So first off, my computer has actually been experiencing stuttering over the past month approximately. This stuttering and frame loss has remained in video games and packing programs slower and faltering while off games. So my very first idea was my hard disk will go bad. So I replaced my sata 1tb disk drive and I got and set up the ssd. I’m still having the problem. So I set up a program to see what my temperatures are on my hardware. My CPU (I7-4770k @ 3.4 ghz) is increasing to 90 degrees Celsius. I went to gadget manager and my H100i GTX Corsair Liquid cooler isn’t being detected/drivers aren’t as much as date. (Wasn’t too sure, I’m a noob at all of this. I ask forgiveness.) What I think it all comes down to is my cpu is overheating due to the fact that my liquid cooler isn’t working correctly. My pc is presently shut off, I’m concerned and I do not wish to fry or ruin any of my hardware. If anybody has any concept where I could begin or what I could do, your aid is greatly valued like always.
* Side note: I likewise opened my computer system(which is really dusty) to see if any dust was blocking the fans and I didn’t see anything blocked the liquid cooler fans *
Computer Specs:
GPU: GTX 970
CPU: I7-4770k @ 3.4 ghz
Ram: 16gb
Hard Drive: Samsung 860 EVO 500gb
Motherboard: MSI Z87 G45
Liquid Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX

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