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“You have ten minutes to answer these questions.”

To numerous kids, these declarations imply nothing.

What does 10 minutes look like? What does it feel like?

Time can be such an approximate, abstract idea, specifically for those who have a hard time to handle time or have actually not yet developed a reliable biological rhythm.

If it hurts to get your child, trainee, or customer to effectively complete a job or transition to another activity, I highly suggest using a Time Timer.

What is a Time Timer?

A Time Timer is visual clock that reveals the passage of time. A red disk slowly disappears as time elapses. This permits the specific to see just how much time is left or just how much time is needed to finish a job.

Why Utilize a Time Timer:

This visual tool can help people handle time, initiate and complete tasks, get things done, and shift in between activities since they can SEE the time ticking away.

As a moms and dad, this has been tremendously helpful in getting my child to quickly do something about it and complete a job. It conserves me from continuously duplicating myself (“Kerri, please put away your toys.”) by giving her a visual hint to move much faster and remain on job.

* I own the large, 12 inch version but there are a number of sizes available depending on your preference:

Time Timer Audible Countdown Timer– 12 inch– Black< img src ="" border ="0"> * Amazon affiliate link supplied.

Have you ever utilized a Time Timer? If so, please share your experience in the remark area. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like these:

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