Speech Therapy Treatment Concepts for Mini Objects

Let’s talk Speech therapy treatment concepts for mini things! As you understand, I’m a huge fan of making mini object boxes! You can develop an awesome resource to utilize in actually numerous methods! Actually make it once and use it is a various way monthly. You can see how I created my or get the tiny trash cans at Dollar Tree that look like animals!Speaking of Goodwill. I got this American Lady Doll Sized Fridge. It’s actually fun to fill the racks with the mini items and talk about what’s in the refrigerator, what you desire to consume, or what belongs/doesn’t belong in the fridge!This Mystery box from Lakeshore can be utilized for lots of things, but it’s develop to conceal small objects inside and pull them out.Since it’s spring time, pull out your eggs and fill them with your mini objects! You can hide them around the office or school and go hunting for them!Pull out your trusty Crocodile Dental professional and put one item in the middle. State”eat the __”while you press down the tooth each time. PS– You NEED crocodile dental professional in your life if you do not have it!Sensory bins are super easy to get and toss mini objects in! This is my sand

bin, just toss in your mini items and go searching for them!Eight quick concepts for speech treatment utilizing tiny items. I can’t wait see what concepts you share as well!

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